Bathroom Tips and Tricks

Bathroom Tips and Tricks

  • Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips

    The bathroom is one of those places in the house that I tend to dread cleaning. It always seems to take longer than I think it will and it is just not my favorite room to deal with. I decided to make a list of tips and tricks for cleaning the bathroom to help each of us tackle this dreaded chore.

    Cleaning the bathroom doesn't have to take a ton of time, and with the help of some trusty Scotch-Brite Brand products and these tips and tricks, you can get it done quickly and efficiently.

Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

  • 1. Gather Your Supplies

    Gather all of the cleaning tools and sprays you are going to use to clean your bathroom. I store my supplies in a plastic handle basket that keeps everything in one place. I use a different basket for the kitchen so my supplies are easily found.

  • 2. Trash Disposal and De-cluttering

    The first step is emptying the garbage can and removing any other empty containers, lids, wrappers and everything else that clutters the bathroom. Take a minute to re-organize the toiletries and supplies in the bathroom and make sure they are in their proper places.

  • 3. Shower and Sink

    Spray the shower down with cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes while you wipe down the sink. Use a Shower Scrubberto reach the top of the shower walls and corners.

    I just switched out our shower head so we would have one that I could spray down the walls with. It is so much easier than trying to pick up a bucket and pour water down the walls. I always felt like I got more water on me than I did on the shower walls.

  • 4. The Toilet

    Grab your Scotch-Brite Disposable Toilet Scrubberto quick clean the toilet! The toilet scrubber has a built-in cleaner to make cleaning the toilet a breeze. Wipe down the outside of the toilet and behind the toilet seat. Don't forget scrub along the base of the toilet.

  • 5. Bathroom Mirror

    Spray the mirror with window cleaner and wipe down with a lint-free cloth.

  • 6. The Floor

    Remove bathroom rugs and mats and place them in the laundry. Sweep out the floor paying close attention to the corners that seem to attract hair and dust.

  • 7. Towels and Floor Mats

    Once the floor is swept and clean add back a clean floor mat and clean towels to the rack.
    Step back and enjoy the glowing shiny cleanliness that is now your bathroom!!! WOOHOO!!! Such a great feeling to look up and have a sparkly clean bathroom.

    Extra Bathroom Cleaning Tips

    Clogged Showerhead? Fill a bag with undiluted white vinegar and place the bag over the head so it is submerged; secure and seal the bag with a rubber band. Soak overnight and then scrub. For more cleaning tips and tricks, check out the Uses and Tips sectionon!

    This post has been adapted by Tammilee Tillison from the original, which you may read on

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